Alex stared forward.  The Buick fell from above but it felt like a large bump in the road.  In front of him was a crop of trees on the left and right and a strip of asphalt in the center.

“Wasn’t I just here?”  Alex thought.  A worn sign swung from the right side of the road.  It was bent mid-height.

The Buick had quit during the fall.  Alex turned the key, started the Buick and began forward.  He picked up speed as he watched the trees flip past him.  The fall quickly became a curiosity when Alex approached Woodsilver.  The Quarter Bar quickly approached on the left and Leo’s was on the right.  Alex pulled into Leo’s and parked next to a silver plated gas dispenser.  He opened the door to step out but someone approached.  Alex looked up and squinted at the hair-covered chest of a horse-like creature.  He paused.  Frozen with the unfamiliarity of the situation.

“Can I fill you up, sir?”

Alex stared at the long, thin, brown legs then the round chest of the horse.  Above the chest was a hair covered human chest and arms.  The face of the horse-like creature was young.  It matched a young human adult just out of highschool.

“Sir, can I help you out?”

Alex stuttered and finally said yes.  He watched, his door partially open, as the horse-like creature placed the nozzle into the Buick and started the pump.

“Can I wash your windows?”

“Uhm, sure.” Alex stood and looked into the large front window of Leo’s and found several creatures milling around the small c-store beside the road.

A mouse-like creature stood behind the counter.  It’s nose protruded half a foot from his fur covered face.  A large abominable snowman checked out several items and placed them on the counter.

“So how long have you been here, sir?”  Asked the horse-like creature.

Alex stood silent for several seconds then responded.  “Barely ten minutes.”

“That’s what I thought.  My name is Benny.  Welcome to Woodsilver.”  Benny offered a hand and Alex automatically shook it but then paused.

“This isn’t Woodsilver.”

“I don’t know how you got here.  No one ever knows but this is Woodsilver and you’re here.”


The gas nozzle clicked and Alex stepped over to it and removed it.  He looked at the dispenser, checked the amount and offered Benny his credit card.

“That’s not going to work here.”

“Of course but I only have ten dollars cash.”  Erik searched his wallet and pulled out the thin bill.

“That does not work here either.”  Benny stood and smiled.  He wasn’t at all surprised that Alex had no silver. No one ever did when they entered Woodsilver.  “I can cover this for you.”  Benny offered.  “But I will need a favor.”

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