The first of my new blogs starting right now.  I need to write some new poetry.  I haven’t done it in over a decade.  I have no idea how to start.. What to start with? 

uMmmm..ummm… my youngest daughter sings as she plays with our small dog.  Two creatures so different but so connected.  It interesting how important dogs have become in our life and how passionate we are about them.  Question, do we ever judge them because they are not loyal?  No religious enough.  Do we get mad because they do believe the same as us?  They can’t talk to us but many times we can’t talk to each other.  Have you ever tried to speak to someone who knows you only a little and explain an opinion?  An experience?  I’ve explained many things to my older dog, a boxer.  I tell him things knowing he will not respond.  I know he may not understand me but I just enjoy speaking to him.  Seeing that compassion within his eyes.  Knowing that this creature, not religious, not human will never.. ever let me down.  He cares about me and I care about him.  A loyal companion, now bring this back to humans.  I understand that people are passionate about things.  I am passionate about things but why can’t we be compassionate at the same time.  Instead of laying tracks over everyone and running a train through any dreams that are not similar we could maneuver.. anyways that’s my thought

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