I am having such a hard time here.  Such a busy week.  I missed my Wednesday and Friday deadline and Today I just have no motivation 🙁

I’m working on the rewrite and I have a good scheme but its just slow to  come.

Here is the plan.  The guards are putting the prisoners into the gated prison five at a time.  The infected are hanging unusually close to the gate causing extra stress.  I think I’m just lost in stress and trying to do too much.

Here is my vision at the moment:  The prisoners stand at a long steel fence.  Outside the fence is the militia and inside the fence is a tall, grassy wonderland of cannibals.  They currently sit within the grass waiting for victims to approach.

“Why are they sitting?”  It’s a good question… Maybe they are tired of standing?

“All the predators in the world sit, right?”

Right, I think it’s reasonable to assume that infected, zombie-like monsters sit.

Anyways, the prisoners cannot see the infected till its too late so the first group to go runs as the others, outside the fence, watch.  They leave separate beaten down trails as one trail stops suddenly then another.  The prisoners disappear into the grass.  This leaves the rest of the prisoners, even some guards stuck.  Their feet glued to the ground.  The Sergeant of the Guard shouts, kindly smacking the silent adhesive from the guards feet and they push forward the next group.

“How can they sentence a child to death?”  Erik asks.  The others around Erik stay silent, a fact that Erik still struggled to deal with.  A guard walked past the group.  Erik spoke up and asked about the girl.

“She is part of a burglary family,” the guard says.

“She is only a child.”

The guard stopped.  His face blushed and his lips were held tight.  “The young girl has no other family.  She will not survive outside the walls.  Would you take her from her family?”  The guard then walked away.  Erik watched the Summers family and the others wait for the gate to open.  Another guard grabbed five others and waited.

Erik stood waiting with four others.  They stood near the gate when it opened to let in the Summers family and the others.  Three guards surrounded the group of prisoners as they entered the gate.  One guard, front and the others on each side.  They swung left and right nervously as they stepped forward.  The gate closed and the guards secured it.  Moments later, the front guard fired the first shot.  An infected woman, her blackened face growling fell backward.  The shot was followed by a second then a barrage of shots as the infected stood.

The guards separated from the group of prisoners, but not before Steve Summers grabbed the front guards rifle.  The guard fought back throwing a meaty fist into the chest of the older man but released the rifle when an infected man became too close.  The other two guards sprinted to the gate only to be stopped by four infected.  One of the guards fired to the left.  The bullets escaped through the infected head and toward the others outside the gate.  Erik fell to the ground followed by the other prisoners still strapped together.

The other guards returned fire and downed the remaining infected along with the two guards.  They opened the gate and grabbed the wounded guards and helped them into the gate.  More infected appeared within the grass.  The Sergeant of the Guard ordered the automated guns toward the infected.  After the first shot the group within the walls ran as fast as they could away from the carnage.

“Alright, alright!”  Said the Sergeant.  “If we want to get out of here alive we need to release the other prisoners.”

The guard closest began to release a large black man to Erik’s left.  The man towered over Erik and many of the others.  Once the leather straps were off he moved to Erik’s right and began to release the others.  Erik expected the large black man to move, or to try to escape but he did not.  He stood, just as he had been.

“Stop! Stop! You idiot.  Release them in the walls not out here.”  The guard stopped.  The other guards pointed their rifles at the prisoners.

“Move them all out!”  The guards shoved Erik and the others.  The automatic guns fired above until nothing moved within the field inside the walls.

“Turn off the guns and open the gate.  Screw guiding them.”

The gate opened slowly.  The first five stepped into the walls followed by Erik and the others.

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