Tommy turned. Excited to see his old friend. Wishing he would visit more, Sean had passed years ago. He was never going to visit and no one was standing near the bar.

“Damn it, ghosts hovering everywhere in this hell-hole. Sure there is plenty of reason to haunt but leave me the hell alone. I don’t need any false hope. I don’t need any false anything.”

He noticed the bottle of whiskey sitting on the counter, stood and poured a shot of the liquor into his glass. He placed the glass back on the counter and tightened the top.

A door opened and closed. Tommy heard Mary talking to someone. Soon the conversation began to moved toward the front. The voices familiar.

“ Better not be another damn ghost,” Tommy shouted.

“ I ain’t no ghost brother,” came the reply. Tommy smiled when he saw Julian saunter through the door.

“Your brother will not leave me alone,” Tommy said.

“You killed his ass, dummy what else is he going to do,” Julian said, with a laugh. His laugh was short and he swallowed the last part.

“I’m sorry, Julian.”

“Stop apologizing stupid. You did what you had too. I brought help.” Julian adds.

He points toward the swinging restaurant doors leading to the kitchen. Standing in the doorway is a towering figure. The figure ducked under the door frame. The light from the restaurant sank into its dark, gaunt face revealing vile elongated teeth and thin pencil like lips…

Tommy immediately drew his pistol. Julian countered by pulling his own short double-barrel shotgun.

“No, Tommy! He is not a threat.”

“Not a threat, christ. Julian, this creature killed your brother.”

“This creature did not. Put the gun down.” Tommy picked up the tension in Julian’s voice. His own guilt magnifying the image of shooting an innocent man.

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