Vicki’s voice gave out.  She stood staring at the sheet-white ghost in front of her.

Derik, standing in front of this beautiful brunette, began to speak but the woman screamed again.  Her scream was broken.  She suddenly coughed.

“Are you alright?”  Derik blurted

Vicki’s throat hurt.  The ghost’s concern for her was shocking and immediately stopped her screaming.

“Am I alright!” Vicki replied.  “Why are you haunting my house?”

The ghost flickered and disappeared.  He reappeared in on Vicki’s left.

“I’m not haunting your house, your haunting mine.. ”

— Ugh.. this is terrible.  I am bored writing this conversation.  The idea was that a ghost would have a conversation with a frightened victim.  I’m having several bad weeks as far as writing goes.  I just don’t want to do anything.  My novel is sitting in limbo because I cannot get them through a field of grass.  My first draft coasted right through everything but it was like my characters rode on butter.  A critic told me that I missed many opportunities to expand and get into details.

So that’s what I started to do.  Initially, I had this energy.  “I can do it!”  Then nothing.  I’m stressing over many things at the moment.  I’m behind in my knowledge level at work.  I’m behind on my art projects.  I’m trying to get into digital art.

For a guy that has been drawing with a pencil for what??  Twenty-some years, changing my medium seems impossible.  I have a new shop at called Broken Stick.  I’m trying to put some art up but they are looking for vector graphics and all this new stuff.  I’ve dabbled over the years in this stuff but I am just losing my touch and I need a new Tablet and Pen to draw on.  It’s all about the Tablet…

I imagine myself drawing and having a good old time on my drawing tablet.  My expensive drawing tablet but reality says you get this little Wacom with a missing pen.. 🙁

I’m feeling like a downer today.. not my typical post.. I’m just so overwhelmed with everything.

I will keep living and talk to you later. 🙂

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