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Vampires, zombies and more
As children, the world is terrifying? Shadows in a dark corner, noises in the kitchen or the tall dark stranger that approaches you and your mother in the parking lot of a shopping mall. As a child I had teraphobia, the fear of monsters. A condition prominent during childhood. The condition normally resolves itself in time. Imagine a world where this is an everyday occurrence. Not the fear of monster that are not there. The fear of the ones that are real and everyone knows they exist. There is no hiding.



Station 1 – Intro to the Network

We waited outside the first shelter. Infected approach from the back and right. “Remember, they can’t see us,” our leather faced guide named Scotty said to me. “If your quiet,


The “I Survived” tour – Erik Clayton – Fox theater – Detroit -part 3

Station 1 was a bus station. An thin building with glass and wood planks surrounding most of the walls. A carport stood to the right with a single bus underneath


The Day I Went to the Carnival – Part 3

Jean Luc, dressed in a long dark cloak that hung around his frail frame, stood within the darkness at the back of the room. Patrons or congregation stand waiting… The


The Day I went to the Carnival- Part 2

“I slept within the dirty hotel bed. At my age, this happens automatically no matter the story around me. I woke the next morning to a loud tong… tong… a


The “I Survived” tour – Erik Clayton – Fox theater – Detroit -part 2

“The guards pushed 20 people, including me, into the walled off city. Dirt and pocked marked divots decorated the ground in front of us. The infected spread out in front


The Day I went to the Carnival- The “I Survived” tour – Erik Clayton

“Here’s the funny thing about the world we live in now,” Erik said. “It’s terrifying.” “Armed guards, automatic weapons, the world is hostile and that’s just surrounding this theater. But..


The “I Survived” tour – Erik Clayton – Fox theater – Detroit

“It’s been a long time,” said Erik to the audience in front of him. “So happy to be in this grand theater. Certainly, a privilege to be invited to tell


Coyote- Tommy

“No! I said don’t do that. What the hell!” Tommy stepped toward the woman as she attempted to sprint between two pair of outstretched arms. The eager arms trying to find