The horizon raced ahead as Eric drove between the trees of an old country road.

It was midnight on a Sunday.  Work would appear early in the morning.

Eric pushed on the gas and the car surged forward.  The trees blurred and he gobbled up the road.

Intuition made him slow as he imagined the impact of deer bones upon the small hood of his small Ford.

A shadow on the left caused him to search through the darkness.

Eric focused on the road ahead.  The road twisted right then left.  Eric allowed the car to wander left then right as he hit the curves faster than he should.

The road was straight and his house waited only a pair of miles ahead.  Eric pushed the gas then slowed as something approached again from the left.

Eric searched the trees but saw nothing.

Another hint and he slowed further.  He was now growing paranoid and searched both the left and the right.

A shadow on the right alerted him and he pumped the brakes followed by another on the left.  Something was out there but he couldn’t make it out.

Deer appeared moments after appearing as a shadow.  Eric saw nothing that gave him any clue.

Another shadow and a sudden thump.

Eric freaked and pushed the brake hard.  A gigantic, semi-opaque creature stepped from the trees.  It was taller than the trees but hard to see in the darkness.  Eric could make out the frame of the creature reflected of the dull light of the moon. The creature stepped into the road with a thump.  Eric stopped the car a couple feet from the stomp of this creature.  He craned his neck backward and up to try to see ‘whatever this was’ through the windshield.  He could only make out the hint of a solid form.

Erik watched the large black foot stand upon the ball of it’s feet as it brought in the other foot.

Eric was unable to react fast enough as the second foot wrapped over the hood of his small Ford and crushed it.  The metal screamed as the creature pushed it down.

Eric stepped from the car and stared.  It was a gigantic shadow of a man.  Stood twenty-five foot tall, at least.  It’s legs were box-like and so were the arms.  It waved the arms forward like it was strolling through the park on the way to someplace important.

Eric watched as the shadow man walked through the trees on the right side of the road.  His car wrecked he called his wife and recalled the incident.  His wife laughed the story sounded unrealistic.  Eric demanded that she drive to him to see and waited.

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