I’m reading the Power of Awareness by Neville Goddard and its got me really thinking about the power of assumption.  Part of the chapter that I just finished made the point that assumption is a monster for humans that want to be happy.

Assumptions rule my life.  I assume that the couple down the street could care less about me.  I assume that people at work are counting on me to fail.  I assume that my wife is playing mind games.  All of these assumptions are unproven and wrong.

Correcting this problem with assumption will be monumental.  Assumption is always standing upon both ears.  Guessing what may be going on.  I live so much of my life on estimation.  Estimating what may happen so that I don’t get hurt?  Is that the reason we rely on assumption.  It’s similar to the current situation with the police.

The police are out to do a job but part of that job is assumption.  This is such a dangerous part of the job.  They are out to guess who is a criminal and who is about to commit a crime.  Well we are not going to admit that we are criminal, right?

I see a lot of assumptions in the argument that police profile only black people but I think that’s wrong.  The police profile everyone.  It is a sharp assumption of who could be dangerous.  I think its wrong to run around with assumptions, either as an officer or a victim of profiling.

Anyways, I got off track…  my goal and the reason for writing this is that I want to try to stop assuming that life hate me.

Life really cares less whether I succeed or fail.  Life is just a word that spells out birth thru death.. nothing more or less.

The individual is responsible for his or her own happiness.  It’s not God’s responsibility.

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