Ken turned to address the spirit and found Caroline floating very close. Ken gasp and stepped back and fell into the company van.

“You… gawd…” his voice shuddered.

Caroline disappeared and reappeared in a moment father away. She waited.

Ken composed himself and stood. He took in a breath and spoke.

“Don’t”, he said.

“I’m sorry, distance is hard to judge from the Aether.

“The Aether?”

“Your otherworld, land of the dead, the place where spirits go to stay.”

“I’ve heard of this Aether from other dead.”

“So you are a seer?” Caroline asked as a beam of sunlight shown through her.

Ken turned, placed the remaining items in his trunk then turned back hoping Caroline was gone.

She was waiting a comfortable distance away.

“I am,” Ken said. “All my very uncomfortable life. Your different… intelligent…”

Caroline smiled. She shimmered in the light then disappeared.

Ken grumbled and cursed under his breath.

“What next?” He thought. “I have some contacts at the police station but it’s been a while. I may not find anything.”

“She will be back. They always come back. “

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