Place: Small mining town North of Cheyenne, 1990

Two miners talk about home as they exit a large tunnel.
“You going to see Mary, Paul?”
“Yea, she’s hav’n problems with the baby,” Paul is a pot-bellied, middle-aged man.
The other man, Joe kicks the dirt then says, “I’m sorry wish I could help.”
“Appreciate it.”
Paul and Joe disappear under a steel and rock.  Several tracks sit upon the ground.  The carts left an hour ago.  Paul and Joe are running late.  Five steps later a small rumble gurgled up from within the mine.  This gurgle continued to mumble as it also grew louder.  Seconds later, an explosion erupts from the mine and the entryway begins to shake.  Paul and Joe turn and run but become overwhelmed within the dust and rocks.

Place: Seattle, Washington

Daniel Saxc walks out of the bathroon and into the bedroom of his hotel room.  Pulling the covers off his bed, he slides into bad.  “Finally,” he says.  “These long nightes are killing me.”

As he closes his eyes and begins to sleep, the phone rigns.  It rings twice then he awakes withi a start.  “Damn.  What is it.”

He answers irritated.  “Mr Daniel Sax, a Dr. John Mason is on the phone for you.  Said it’s really important.

“Yea, whatever,” Daniel says rudely.  “I’ll be right there.”

“Alright, sir,” said the voice.

“Damn it,”  Daniel places the phone upon the receiver and rubs his face.  “I’ll be lucky if this is a prank call.”

Ten minutes later, Danial walks down a set of stairs to the lobby.  He gets to the bottom of the stairs and ai small man brushes by him.. “Excuse me.”

“Sorry,” Daniel replies and the man disappears down the hallway.  At the front desk a tall, acne-faced kid stands talking to several people at once.

“Shawn!”  Daniel shouts due to the increase in volume as more people enter the front door.

“Where’s the phone?”  Shawn, the clerk points to the right and Daniel finds the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Sax?”

“What is going on Dr. Mason?”

“I am a geologist studying abandoned mines in Wyoming.”

“I know of you Dr. Mason.”

“Well, I got a phone call a couple of hours ago.  Just after I returned from my office…”  Daniel’s attention diverts to the man he ran into earlier.  He bolts from the hotel.  The lobby is busier then it normally is this late at night.  It’s odd.

“… the was a mine explosion near a small city in Cheyenne.  Several of their men are trapped in the mine.  Five already confirmed dead and many more missing.”

Place: Dallas, Texas – Several days later

Behind an office door a small middle-aged man sits uncomfortably within his office chair.  He balances a phone within his left shoulder and ear and is searching with his right hand for a file on his mess of a desk.

“I have it right here,” he confirms as the file appears under a pile of candy wrappers.

“Daniel Sax, born July 4th, 1970 in Columbus, Ohio.  His father left the family when he was 10 and they seemed to of moved to Seattle.  He studied Geology at Pennsylvania University but quit after 3 years.”

“That’s fine,” said the voice on the phone.  “He states he found what in Cheyenne?”

“Sir,  he says he found dinosaur bones and other monsters within a mine.”

“Did you say monsters? ”

“Yes, sir.”


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