My mission tonight.. visualize anger.

A tower of muscle and testosterone.  His skin burns red and orange like a flame burns slowly just under the surface of his skin.  His face is screwed inward forcing his lips to purse.

A thunderstorm of emotion waits within the muscular structure of the big man but he sits and he waits patiently.  This is the thing with Anger.  He is patient.  He will wait…

Anger stands behind me, hovering over me and waiting for just the right moment to step in.

“I got you, bro” He assures me as life punches me in the gut multiple times.

“I can handle this,” he offers but I decline.  “Bro, you need some backup.  I got this.  I can punish with the best of them other emotions.”

The situation gets dire and I’m tired and sick.  My own strength is waning as Anger grows bigger.  Soon he is twice his size and towers over me.

“I’m done asking,” his says.  His voice booms as he shoves me to the side.  Lightning bursts from the sky above me as thunder shakes the ground beneath me.  Others tremble in fear or run from Anger as he tears through the world.  Within moments,  it’s over I stand up.  The large man, that was Anger is gone.  Nowhere to be seen.  The village beneath me burns.  The small homes fall apart leaving only the skeletal remains.  The world is set ablaze and the man that did it is gone leaving only me to take on the responsibility.  So…

I do what I have to do whenever Anger gets involved and fall to my knees to pick up the pieces that he destroyed.

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