The church basement was dark but dry.  Sean walked through the darkness till he dumped over something but it clattered loudly over the floor.

“What the fuck, man!”  Sean’s brother Andrew whispered through clenched teeth.  “Are you trying to bring them down here.”  He added.

“Dude, we’ve been down here three god-damn days.  I’m thirsty and hungry.  I thought you had a plan to get us out.”

“You’re going to have to wait for it, Sean.  My plan is working.”

“What!  Are you kidding me,” Sean replied as he stepped up to Andrew.  “Are you waiting till they leave?  Is that your fucking plan?”

“No, that ain’t my plan, man.  Are you fucking nuts.”

“Then what’s your plan?”

“We wait for an opportunity.”

“Are you serious?  That’s no different the no damn plan.”

“Shh.. I think someone’s coming.”  The Baker brothers listened as the vampire walked above them.  Without the ability to count them they could only rely on a guess of twenty winged monsters but something had them moving around more then usual.  The brothers listened as several heavy steps neared the basement door.  The door knob squeaked as it turned.

“Did you lock the door like I told you?”  Andrew whispered.

“Hell yeah, I locked it.”

Andrew then grabbed Sean by the wrist and pulled him into the darkness of the basement.  Andrew stopped under the wooden stairs near a large rectangular closet.  He waited till Sean stood next to them then both fell to their knees.

“Who locked this door,” they could hear someone say.  “Hell if I know,” replied another voice.

“Sounds like there is someone in the basement.”

“Shut the hell up you always think you hear crap.  It’s probably just a raccoon or something.”

“We haven’t eaten in two days.  A coon would be a nice snack.”

The doorknob rattled.  A thud and someone fell to floor.  A fight rumbled above as the vampire soon forgot about the door.

“They are steroid freaks, I swear,” Sean commented quietly.

“What was that.”  Sean and Andrew stopped immediately and covered their mouths.

“I’m telling you I heard a human voice in the basement.”

Another thud and a crash.  “Listen here, Christopher.  Gabriel said he has a plan and we are to wait.  No feeding.  I don’t care if their are fifty humans down there.  No feeding.”

“Get the hell off me.  You don’t control me.  You are not my seed.”

“Yeah, I’m not your seed but Gabriel left me in charge not you.”

Another thump of several feet approached.

“Get up, you idiots.  Gabriel says things are ready in Ransom.  We meet on the church peek in ten minutes.  Got it?”

Andrew slapped Sean on the shoulder.  Sean bit his lip hard trying not to say something.

Twenty minutes later the noise from the vampire was gone.

Sean and Andrew slowly walked up the stairs and to the basement door.  Andrew turned the lock and opened the door.  The stench hit them first and both men almost staggered back down the stairs.

“What the hell did they do crap everywhere?”  Sean asked as he covered his mouth and nose.

The rooms upstairs were lit from the broken roof.  It was still dim but both men could see where they were going.  They navigated around as much vampire crap as they could and stepped into the front lobby.  The front doors were wide open.

Sean suddenly stopped Andrew.  “What if they are watching us from above?”

“They are not,” Andrew replied and if they are we will crush them, right?  Hunter?”

Sean didn’t reply and followed his brother out into the fresh air.

10 thoughts on “The Baker Brothers

  1. Reblogged this on Vampire Maman and commented:
    I rarely reblog anything on Vampire Maman but you have to read this. You MUST read this. Too much creepy Vampire fun. Of course you all know I am not one of THOSE Vampires. Not me. Thank you Matthew Stitt for your fine imagination.

    • kingsboro2008 says:

      Thank you.. the critique is very much appreciated. I don’t use this language too much when I write. It was a bit of an experiment to see if I could display the characters preference for the language. The worry is, can I display a sort of ‘I don’t care attitude’, without the language. Also I see this language displayed more and more in life. I think it’s something that writer’s struggle with. How do I say this and be as honest as possible and not offend or say this and not make the point that these characters are in quite a bind.

      • More comment…..,
        When you’re writing, language doesn’t create a scene or a mood. Setting a scene or a mood is done more viscerally and visually by using descriptive words (even if you have to look them up in a reference book – sometimes I do). It was put to me one time by one of my English profs that you can write on many levels. How do you want to be seen…, as walking on the sidewalk…, or wading in the sewer? I opted for the sidewalk. I realize that there’s a lot of 4-letter language being used in today’s vernacular but that doesn’t make it right…, or intelligent. Hope this hasn’t offended you…, after all, it’s just my opinion….. 🙂

        • kingsboro2008 says:

          Hey PapaBear,
          I wanted to let you know your comment still haunts me.. not in a bad way but the fact is I tried to read one of my stories to my daughters and I got embarrassed and skip over the words. If I skip the words and I wrote them what does that say? To me it’s a sign that I need to rethink… thanks again for the comment 🙂

  2. Hi Kingsboro, good to hear from you. Back to the language thing, eh? Here’s a thought. .. approach it with the idea of, how would I say this to the beautiful woman I want to impress? Works for me most of the time. Have a great day! !!

  3. Well, most of what I write is horror.. so does that work? lol
    My attraction to horror is the raw emotion of ‘what are you going to do right now’ !
    The thing that is bothering me is the fact that I cannot read this without an edit to the general public. That just bothers me because if I can’t repeat the entire text then why am I writing it?
    The Baker Brothers above are characters taken for my assumption of who they are. Unfortunately, I cannot imagine them not using that language. Now I could creatively avoid the language but doesn’t that fluff up the story with unnecessary prose?

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