“Did you close the back door?” Erik asks again with force.

“I don’t know man, settle down.” Sean replied.  “I wasn’t the last one in.”

Erik slid the revolver into his pocket and pushed through the crowd mumbling to himself.  He headed toward the back of the store, past all the dust covered shelves and groceries lying on the dirt covered floor.  The older gentlemen followed him and peppered him with questions.

“I don’t know how long I’ve been here, did you say your name was Peter?  It’s been an eternity.  I just want to make sure the back door is closed.”  Erik replied as he pushed through the doors and into the darkness of the back of the store.  Light slide through a crack in the back door.  Erik began to react when the sound of breaking glass erupted from somewhere behind him.  A scream told them that somehow the infected had breached the front of the store.  Erik turned back to the door only to be overwhelmed by the others heading toward him and the back of the store.

For seconds he could see that they had broken the large picture window and the infected had begun flooding into the store.  Sean and his brother pushed past and stood in the darkness.  They were followed by, a child and two adults.  Last to enter the back room was the tall Haitian.

“Is that it?”  Erik asked.  “The rest were eaten by something.  It wasn’t the infected.”  Jean Paul replied.

Erik pushed the door open to reveal five large, winged, human-like creatures feasting on the captured.  A pair stood, guarding the others.  Fighting the infected as they attempted to climb into the window.  The creatures didn’t seem to care much for the infected, nor did they fear them.

“I told you they would follow us,” Sean said loudly then stopped.

Erik closed the door and spun around.  “What do you mean, they followed you?  You were being followed by vampire!”  Erik stepped toward them.  “How are you even still alive?”

“It’s complicated.”  Sean’s brother Andrew replied.

“Uhm.. this is complicated,” Erik replied as he spotted the back door open.

Within the door stood a prom queen, in a torn red dress.  Her face was mangled but her jaws still worked.  She spotted the others within moment and stepped forward.


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