There is that moment, you play over and over in your head. That event that changes your life forever. Here’s the funny thing about that moment…

It’s not the real moment, it’s a memory that has been edited to make the audience (me) stare in awe and contemplate. Like all great memories, this one takes some liberties with what you remember and what really happened.

Mid-year in 1997 I came home from the military to try to return to ‘normal’ society. I started a job at a grocery store – grabbed what I could and who would hire me.

The first day, sitting in a room in the back with a group of maybe six other new employees. I look to see if I could possibly be friends with any of the people in the group but it’s all business and I’ve never been too good at reaching out.

Second-third-maybe a week later, it’s not clear:
I’m working in furniture monitoring the floor to ensure none of the furniture moves away like it could but she showed up. This super gregarious young woman in a purple outfit. She walked past me giggling and talking with her new friends. My first thoughts were, “Wow, there is something about her. People seem to revolve around her. There is an attraction that emanates from her and I need to figure out what this strange attraction is…”

“It’s not love,” I think. “She just seems to be magnetic to everyone. There is this light/aura that radiates from her.”

I drummed up the courage to talk to this woman, which honestly wasn’t as hard as I expected but 20:20 it makes sense. We got along well and I enjoyed being around her. We were not officially friends till this dork attempted to read a book while also listening to her talking to some friends. I was discovered and surprisingly invited to her table. The conversation was immediately wonderful till a dreaded ‘incident’ happened.

She sneezed in my ear, leaving the side of my face wet and the entire table in stitches. It wouldn’t be the only time and I wouldn’t be the only victim.. but another time.

As with most things involving her, this small paragraph has evolved into an adventure but I have little time to explain the progression in detail so I will skip ahead.

This light/aura/supernatural event poured out of her attracting everyone around her. It was like a superhero moment where the villain started pulling in the whole world leaving the hero on the outside trying to figure out how to stop it… but I didn’t want to stop it. I wanted to figure out more about this woman. How was she doing this? It made no sense so I talked to her every chance I got and I began to notice this glow in her eyes when she talked to me. The gregarious women, who everyone loved, would change slightly when I appeared.
So her power changed/evolved when I was around. Like a responsible superhero I, of course, had to figure out what was going on.

I never figured it out, 20+ years and I’m still trying to figure out why @Sabrina Stitt is so super-powered. There is something about her that is super-human. Happy Valentine’s day.

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