“Ok, Bruce… Let’s go over this again.”  Steve Bolton circled Bruce Rose.  Bruce sat uncomfortable within a steel chair.  Both men were within a small concrete room with one reflective window.

“A vampire tried to suck on your neck?”


“And you escaped?”

“Of course.  How am I here?”

“Well, several things could be argued.  Maybe you are only a copy of yourself and you are still there?”

“You’re kidding me?”

“Kid, I’ve seen crazier things.”

“I’m older than you.”

“No way,” Steve stared at Bruce’s dry complexion and the skin that pulled up near the corners of his mouth.

“Ok, sure.  Your older then me.  Anyways, back to the question.  Where were you on the date of March 4th?”

Bruce stared at the detective.  “Uhm, are you nuts?  I’m talking about an incident last night and your playing around.”

Steve, the detective, took a step back and smiled.  His teeth were jagged and sharp.

“Just a little off the top please.”  Said Steve to someone behind Bruce.

A puncture to his neck surprised Bruce but when he tried to jump a pair of long, pale hands held his shoulders.

“Stop!! Stop…”

Steve walks around the steel table and passes Bruce and a thin, ugly beast.  The beast was draining the blood from Bruce.  Steve slaps the beast on the shoulder and says, “A sucker born every minute.”  He then laughs and leaves.

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