A bloody spectre of Erik appeared. A doppleganger of the Butcher of Ransom. “You should of killed him,” said his doppleganger.

“I should of done many things, killing Gary will not bring them back.”

“This creature killed your daughter, in front of you… and your wife… she became infected as you did nothing.”

“I was trying to cure the disease. I was doing something. What were you doing creating a weapon?”

Erik turned toward the doppelganger and shoved a shelf full of milk. The gallons of milk fell with a thud and exploded. A zombie growled in the darkness. The doppelganger disappeared as Erik fumed.

“Now I have to wrangle up another zombie and in the dark. Erik looked to his left. He found Gary struggling to stand with a long piece of aluminum thrust through his thin chest. He stumbled into the darkness of the warehouse. The whiskey left his feet huge and heavy. The zombie growled. It’s heavy breath coming closer.

“Light switch… Light switch.. where did I put you,” Erik sang.

The zombie approached. A string struck Erik’s face. He paused, smiled and pulled. A sheet of aluminum fell from the ceiling. Erik leapt forward. His shoulder struck a large steel shelf leg. Pain screamed from his shoulder to his hands. The sheet of aluminum rocked within the stale air of the warehouse. Light from a skylight flooded a small section of the darkness.

Erik rolled to his back, holding his shoulder. He watched as the thin silver sheet struck the black steel shelf, causing it to ring. The sheet then fell forward and into a small zombie woman approaching.

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