2 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: The Alley

  1. Thank you for reblogging this story. Yesterday Clara and I were in downtown Sacramento walking down an alley looking for a mural. It smelled like urine. We could tell people had been camping there. Later we were about a mile away in another alley in a residential area full of old houses built in the 1800’s. Someone painted blue birds along an old metal fence, among the homeless camps and old buildings. There has been a nasty homeless problem in this area, and in the Sacramento area. We’re near two major rivers, four major interstate highways going north and south, east and west. There are a lot of lost souls dealing with addiction and mental illness. It is sad, and disgusting. We’ve all known a Nikki or two. After I wrote this I was so sad. That surprised me. It touched something I didn’t know I had in me.

  2. kingsboro2008 says:

    Your welcome. I have been so busy with my art lately. I’m so glad I got to sit and read this. I love when a story has emotion and this one is very good.
    I’ve known my share of lost souls in life. I was one at one point. Never this bad. I was lucky.

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