Imagine driving down a long highway, mid morning.  In front of you are several cars driving forward.  The the left is a station-wagon.  Two people sit within the front seat and a single, small figure sits in the back seat.  Behind that back seat is a large empty space under an extended section.  A large dirty window allows a vague view of what’s going on within the station-wagon.  Not strange and nothing abnormal.

It holds your attention for a short time but your exit is coming up within a mile.  There is a second car a head of you.  It is a red four-door with a small window.  There are several people inside.  The exit appears but something catches you eye within the left car.  Someone red-headed, wild haired and short, climbs over the backseat of the station-wagon.  The child in the backseat disappears quickly.  The station-wagon swerves dangerously.  The driver looks back several times.  The passenger quietly screams as he watches the monster.  The red-headed, short creature then attacks the passenger and this attempt forces the driver into the grass and across to the other side of the highway.  Your call wiggles due to your reaction to the sight.  The car crashes into several others.  Your exit is nearly a mile behind.  You realize it but then hear a noise behind you.  You look and the car pulls to the right.  Behind you in the small back seat stands a short, red-head, wild haired monster.

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