I wanted to address Same-ness and the relation to the identity crisis we are currently having in the US.

The problem is human nature’s desire for Same-ness.  we naturally want everything and everyone to be the same.  I understand this because it works for me too.  I don’t want anyone with a different opinion or a different way of life.  It causes conflict.  All the wars in history came down to a difference of opinion.  So the desire for Same-ness is perfectly logical.  Now:

The United States of America grew from our desire to be different.  We rejected that Same-ness.  We wanted the freedom to be different.  We are still different.  I am a huge fan of British shows.  I listen to the perception of Americans and it is consistently ‘different’.  The ‘Americans’ do this and that.. this is who we are.  We are different.  We do what we want.

Human nature is currently pulling us back to this notion that it’s better to be the same.

– We must have the same religious values.

– We must all be the same race, or at least act alike.

– We must talk the same and think the same

The United States is not the same.  We are a melt of nations.  Hundreds of different thoughts.  This is what makes us great.  This is the country that we built.  Our founders built this country, not off of religion, gender or race.  It was built to promote Freedom.  We are all free to be different.

Stand up and be different.  It’s ok.  It’s who we are

Thanks for listening


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