Let’s test my story-telling prose.. 🙂  I have 10 min before lunch is over.

This was told to me from Will at one point in our many recent conversations.

Each family has an enforcer and they enforcer has favorite methods.  For the Dart family that enforcer is Aborth, a powerful wizard.

Aborth, tends to use dogs.  Large magic creations that are bond only to Aborth.

The Grimly family has long been a sword-point for the Dart organization.  They have long tried to extinguish any existence of the family.  There for many members of the Grimly family have changed there names.  Once such family is the Dutch family.

Alfred Dutch is a shop-owner, along with his wife and four children.  Through an investigation from whatever methods the Dart family felt necessary the Dutch family was deemed dangerous and was initially pressured using extortion and oppression but soon Alfred’s older son Thomas became enraged and lashed out at three grubbers send from the family. Aborth, sent out the dogs to destroy the family.

Will was aware of the contract and stood ready for the attack.  Three Death Dogs, thin, bony creatures that snarled viciously as they stepped from a portal near the corner of the Dutch store.  The dogs appeared suddenly, causing the family to panic.  The youngest son fell first then the mother.  Will fought valiantly and defeated the creatures but not before being pushed out a glass front window and into the street.  Will wrestled the last dog till killing it with a dagger that had fallen on the floor.  Alfred attempted to compensate Will for the defeat of the dogs but Will refused.  Will additionally petitioned for a protection spell from one of the Dart elders.  Will has several connections within the family.

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