I don’t know what to do with the 200 year old man.  I started with the idea of having this guy obsessed with this really old man.  I began to write it but it then became some supernatural story.  I really like supernatural stories but… hmmm

I had this other idea about an ancient poker game.  The devil’s game was won by age.  The loser gains age and the winner loses age.  The story started to go this route.  Normally, I let my stories tell themselves.  City of Zombies has built itself almost entirely.  Today, I have a very good idea where my mojo has gone.  It’s called Netflix.  Watched Brothers Grimm and now I’m watching TimeLine.  I just love this fantasy stuff..

I’m so in love with story telling.  Movies are only one part of the huge world of storytelling.  I’m thinking just like the oral traditions of old.  So I have some story telling in my ear how can I honestly think I could write anything so I journal.

I just joined a Pathfinder Online game.  It is the first time I’ve done anything like this.  I have created a Rogue named Wilford Grimly.  Of course he will end up as a Grim.  Such an interesting creature a Grim.  A scary bringer of death that I want to designate as a good person.  Someone willing to help.

Instant time travel: An interesting concept.  Really something unbelievable in my opinion.  Disintegrating the body and reassembling it somewhere else.  So many variables.  The human body is so complex.  I just don’t see if happening.

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