“Push the damn boards,” shouted Andrew as all three men fought to secure the broken window. Jean Claude was in the center, Sean on the left and Andrew on the right. Erik stood behind them waiting to hammer the nails back into the store window.

The hands reached into the cracks and grasp at everything. Five meaty fingers grabbed Sean at the elbow and pulled.

“Help me!” He shouted. Erik stepped to Sean’s right and swung the hammer. The small circular hammer sank into the rotten hand severing tendons. The creature grabbed at Sean’s arm the best it could. Its strength sapped but its hunger overwhelming. The fingers of the creature flicked and curled. The first two fingertips poked at Sean’s hand but the last three held onto a meaty section of Sean’s arm. Erik struck the creature again. Thick blackish blood splattered and the hand withdrew. The hand was replaced and it grabbed at the air. Erik took a long nail and slammed it into the palm. He took a second then a third. He grabbed another hand and did the same thing.

Sean stared for a moment then assisted. After 15 minutes they had secured an odd looking wall.

“Good job,” Erik replied and slapped a hand.

“How are we supposed to sleep now with this sick piece of work?” Andrew complained.

“Ha… how’s do you like my ‘hand’y work,” Erik smiled.

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