Bobby’s fathers car hit a tall telephone pole.  The pole bent forward as the front end of the car swallowed the pole.  Everyone within the car fell forward.  The cat slid forward and grabbed the back of the driver’s seat with her claws.  The old woman disappeared under knots of long hair as she tried to stop herself from replacing her teeth with the leather passenger seat.  Bobby fell forward, surprised by the sudden stop and slipped through over the center console.  The driver’s airbag inflated and pushed him to the right and into the second airbag.  Both stopped him from passing through the windshield.

His father sat quietly nursing a broken nose.  Bobby sat, with his shoulders on the passenger side door.  He looked up at the rear-view mirror and noticed the magician stood within a foot of the car smiling.  This infuriated Bobby but he was unable to move too quickly.  Suddenly, the magician moved forward toward the car.  He walked slowly toward Bobby’s father while staring intently at Bobby.  “Why is he watching me?  Other then to be a psycho.”  He thought as he began to measure up his injuries.  The magician opened the back door of the small 4-door and let the cat out.  He bent over, his long fingers holding the felt hat on his hat, and examined the old woman.

“She’s dead,” he said with glee and stood up.  He then walked over to Bobby’s father and looked within the broken window.  “Stay away from my father!  Psycho, bastard.”

His father stared at him through the blood leaking from his hands.  “What are you talking about?”

“There is a magician outside your window.”

Bobby said  in one breath.  “The man is insane.  I ran into him yesterday.  He gave me a card and now the day is all messed up.”

His father looked and nodded at the magician.  “I don’t care if he’s Harry Houdini.  He’s offered to help us get out of the car.”

Bobby looked back at the magician but found he had been replaced by shorter man with a dress shirt and blue tie.  Both men stared at Bobby.  Reading their faces Bobby dropped his objections.  He wrestled with his legs and feet and finally managed to slide them under the deflated passenger airbag.  He looked back to find the old lady gone and someone approached the passenger window.

“Can I help you, son,”  The individual offered but Bobby advised he was fine but that was until he saw the hat as the man bent down.  Bobby immediately pushed the door open.  The magician fell backward.  Shock plastered all over his face.  Bobby noticed that the magician went out of his way to keep his hat on his head.  Bobby began to step out but his legs were sore.  The magician scooted backward.  It wasn’t fear on the magician’s face but concern.  There was a partial smile then confirmed to Bobby that he was insane.

Bobby stood slowly, his legs resisting and the Magician disappeared.  Replacing the Magician was an EMT with a starched blue and white uniform.  A red bag sat beside Bobby’s feet.

“Ok, ok… your ok,” stated the man.  He was struggling to back away.

“Bobby, calm down,” his father spoke through the broken pieces of his nose.

The EMT put his hands up signifying no intent to harm.  Bobby held onto the door, his knees throbbing.  “I’m sorry.  I thought you were someone else.”

The EMT stood and cautiously approached Bobby and grabbed the red bag.  He turned and left.

Bobby found the Magician laughing with a beautiful blond woman.  He pretended to be in a conversation but would occasionally look in his direction.

Bobby watched as the conversation ended and the woman turned and left.  She walked to the edge of the sidewalk, lifted her left hand and then stepped in front of a cab.  The cab unfortunately did not see her and pushed her forward then under the car.  Bobby turned away.

“Isn’t opposite day a blast,” the Magician said as he appeared beside Bobby.  Bobby immediately swiped at him but the Magician avoided it.  “Whoa, now… you must really like me.  You’ve tried to hurt me twice.”

“Are you saying you like my father and I because you hurt us!”

“I have so much hatred for you.”  The Magician said as his dull red eyes lite up with rage, “but its opposite day so I must be friendly.”  The Magician then smiled.  His eyes dimmed and he looked content to be friendly.

“Oh, my God.  Can you just leave me and my family alone.”

“Alone,”  the Magician asked.  “But I am your guide.  I will help you through the day.”

“Just removed the curse.”

“Curse, I am offended.  This is a gift.  Your objections to my gift hurt me and I struggle to ‘not like you’.”  The magician winked.  Making sure Bobby understood the opposite of ‘not like you’.

Bobby stood quiet.  Thinking.  He suddenly noticed the EMT approaching quickly.  Within his small hand was a scalpel.  The magician watched, from beside Bobby as the EMT attempted to stab him.  “Really!”  Bobby shouted as he avoided another thrust.  His father shouted from within the car.  The driver’s door was jammed.


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