Derrick sat.  His hands tied behind his back.  Bobby’s old Camero made an uncomfortable ride for crazy people.  Ashley sat cramped in the back seat.  Her long legs and strappy heels rubbed against his side every chance.  

“Ashley, you need to stop,” Bobby shouted impatiently as she rubbed the side of his face with the side of her foot.  Derrick stared through Bobby, from the passenger seat.  The hair on the back of his head stood.  Bobby turned and looked forward as he felt Derrick staring at him.  Ashley heels bounced beside his face but he noticed the world outside this small cramped Camero.  The world had lost it.  

The sun was perched in the horizon.  The morning sun shone off the tall windows of the university housing buildings.  Below the normal looking morning some men on the street pranced like women and some women walked like men. The trash trucks threw garbage on the street and the firemen sprayed houses that were not on fire.

“How am I supposed to get anywhere in this mess,”  Bobby thought.  

Slowly, Bobby drove through the insanity.  Several men and woman attempted to become dogs and wore leases but the dogs would have none of it.. they didn’t care to walk their former owners. Within the center of the campus sat a large park.  It was normally full of people but now empty.  The sub shop, the campus book store sat empty, with the doors open but no one was around to loot it.    


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