“Get out of bed, loser!  The day has started.”  Shouted Bobby’s roommate as he lay half asleep.  A sudden kick swept the sleep from him and he fell between the bed and wall and then onto the floor.   Seconds afterward his roommate tore the mattresses off his bed.  His roommate, always the kidder, looked frightening as he held a bat in his left hand.  His face was twisted into utmost hatred.

“It’s about time you pay for my grievances Bobby.  The pot smoking, the woman… you are paying for all of it.”  His roommate then swung the bat.  He smacked the metal foundation of the bed making it ring loudly.  Bobby scooted under the spring of the bed as his roommate swung over and over.  Several forcing the spring into his chest and face.

“Stop!  Stop!”  Bobby shouted but his room mate just laughed and smack harder.  He had no escape from the rage of his long time college friend.  His room mate began to lift the bed when Bobby’s ex-girlfriend walked into the dorm room.  She hated his guts and he was sure the problems would only start but they only got strange.  Ashley, his ex, shoved Bobby’s roommate.  The young man tripped and fell sideways.  He hit his head hard upon a shelf of books and passed out.  Ashley waited patiently as Bobby slid from under the bed.  The steel spring would never be the same and he would likely have to call Mom and Dad for more money.

“How will I explain this to my parents?”  He asked rhetorically as Ashley helped him up.

Ashley nodded and looked over at Bobby’s room mate.  Bobby followed her gaze and noticed a pool of blood growing under his room mate.

“Oh, my God, is he dead?” Shouted Bobby as he rushed over to look him over.  Ashley stopped him.  “He just tried to kill you.  I saved you.  You should care about me more.”

“Are you crazy?  You think I’m Satan’s brood.  you told me.  What is wrong with you?”

She laughed.  “I said that.  I don’t recall.”

“Doesn’t matter, we have to stop the bleeding or Derrick is going to die.”  Ashley laughed again.  “Die Smeye.  He is going to a far better place.”

“That is heartless.  What is wrong with you?”

“Do you love me?”  She asked impatiently.  “Yes,” Bobby answered impatiently, “can you get me a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey in the student center?”

Ashley giggled with delight and bounced out of the room.  Bobby stared in disbelief but quickly turned back to his room mate.  He applied pressure to the side of his young head to stop them bleeding.  He searched the room for anything he could use to tie it to his head.  A woman’s scarf sat a stretch away so he grabbed it, wrapped the head and placed it down carefully.

Several moments to think gives you so many thoughts.  Murder, police, jail, execution, escape… “Oh my God.”

Bobby’s room mate woke and stared.



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