“Bobby, time to wake up”, shouted his father as the sun peeked through his dark curtains.  His father was likely busy down stairs so that would allow his to steal a few extra minutes of sleep.

“Bobby… let’s go buddy,” his father shouted as he stood above his bed.  “Today is a special day.  Everyone is getting up early.”

Bobby grunted and covered his head with a pillow.

“Come on, boy,” pleaded his father.  “You have to see what’s going on outside.  It’s crazy.”

Bobby whined and slowly tossed both legs over the bed.  He walked slowly over to the bedroom window.

Bobby stood at the bedroom window watching the different characters parade across the concrete. Human-sized fairies with sewn on cloth wings, Monsters with mutated paper-mache faces that looked they were drawn on by children. All these people, dressed as something they have always wanted to be and failing at it miserably.
“This is such a stupid holiday,” Bobby said as he closed the shade and turned away. His father stood in the doorway. A large paper-mache ball upon his head. Within the center of the ball was a drawn out iris and along the outside several red lines that were supposed to be veins.
“What is that supposed to be,” Bobby spat angrily.
“An eyeball of course,” his father said. The words muffled behind the thin paper mask.
“Dude, I’m not wearing that.”
“Aw, come on, Bobby. Don’t be a sour puss.” His father pulled the paper-mache from his head and smiled. “It’s Opposite Day.  The best time of the year.  What an opportunity to do something different for a day.”

“It’s an opportunity to look like an idiot for a day.”

His father laughed.  “That’s true but its all for fun.  Head downstairs when your ready. ”

Bobby waited till his father left the room then grumbled and shut his bedroom door.

Thoughts of the boardwalk and the magician filled his head.  “What did he do?  What is going on?  What am I going to do?

“It’s really an opportunity to do anything you want to do,” someone spoke from behind him.

Bobby jumped, turned and noticed the magician standing within 2 feet of him.  He was taller then Bobby by several inches.  He had a full tie and real arms.

“What are you doing, here?”  Bobby asked.

“Well, its your holiday so I couldn’t leave you in the dark about it.”

“Ya, that’s nice.”

“Imagine the world on a platter, Bobby.  Anything you imagine.  It is opposite day.”

“What are you saying?”  Bobby asked suspiciously.

The magician just smiled then and weighted on one side.

“Anything?”  Bobby paused, thinking.  “What if I want a million dollars?”

The magician’s smile broadened and his lips parted showing perfect teeth.

“You can’t have it…  You can have nothing…  it is opposite day.”

Bobby’s father opened the door very quickly tripping off the corner of his computer desk.  He fell, head first, into Bobby’s small bed moving it.  Bobby quickly realized that the magician was gone.

Bobby’s father held his head.  He stood slowly.  “Bobby.. Bobby…,” he began.  Your mother just won the lottery.  This is the most exciting day of our lives.”


“Pack it up, boy we are going on a field trip to the lottery office.”

His father bounced around the room then left.  Bobby stood quietly staring into the empty hallway.

“Congratulations, on getting nothing,” said the magician from a large mirror within his closet.  He winked then disappeared.

Dread drained the excitement from Bobby as he joined his father in the car.  It was the too-good-to-be-true factor that ate at him but also the sense of evil that he was beginning to feel when the magician visited him.  There was something going on that he was yet to figure out.

“Oh, great!  Of course.” shouted his father because the car didn’t start.  Bobby thought for a moment then suggested turning the key to the left.  After a short argument it worked.  Next up Drive would be Reverse and Stop would be Go.

“Very strange,” stated his father as they drove slowly forward with the car set in Reverse.  “Someone must think this is a joke.”

Bobby looked ahead and followed the magician, standing on the sidewalk, as they passed.

The dread buried deep within his gut.

Bobby sat in the backseat of the family’s small four-seater car.  “What if I want a dog?”  He asked quietly.  A large black cat appeared on the seat beside him.

“A beautiful woman?”  An old, ugly women appeared to his left.  The cat walked slowly toward the middle of the car and stepped into the front passenger seat.


“What is this?  Where did it come from?  Bobby?”

His father looked back and saw the old woman.  He attempted to stop the car, which failed.

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