Trying to get back to regular posting on my favorite blog, my only blog.


My nerves are killing me.  Interview in about ten minutes but the thing is I have to stop telling people I’m nervous.  It seems to me an invitation to weakness.  This means it is an invitation from the person you are telling to help you become stronger.

I don’t agree that it’s admitting weakness to be nervous.  I think it’s a natural thing to be nervous.  Do people that display utmost confidence ever become nervous?

I believe it happens all the time.

The curious thing for me would be… do successful people tell other people they are nervous?  Would spilling that secret be unacceptable because it is displaying a weakness?

I am constantly fighting with myself about my appearance to other people.  Not my physical appearance.  I’m fine with my greying hair and sculpted abs… ha..ha..ha

What I’m not fine with it my ability to communicate.  My ability to display to others that I know what I’m doing?

I was able to do a good job at this with my last project.  I was so confident it spilled over to my team.  This is what I want to carry over to my new project and my life.

How complicated is it to being confident as a father and husband?

It’s quite complicated.  It’s not just, “Oh get this report done by Wednesday” or “Cash your check on Friday” after a long week.  Homelife is so much more complicated.

There is no money in raising a family.  Sure you are raising you kids and treating your partner great to make everything work.  All that is wonderful but it’s a 40 hour week shoved on top of a 40 hour work week.  It’s hard.

…but look at what happens when you do it right.


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