I need to write something.  I want to continue with my re-edit but I just can’t.  I’m really distracted.  Television, of course, is part of my problem right now.  NBC’s Hannibal is so vivid and emotion-driven that it robs the creativity from the air.  I’m just drawn to the show and have no idea whats going to happen next.

The use of color in this series is unprecedented.  I’ve never actually seen anything like this.  Unfortunately, the series is scheduled to end after this summer.  I heard a rumor that it may have a life on Netflix or Amazon but that’s never certain.


As a writer I’m always poking around inside my head.  I’ve always wondered what happens within the head of a killer like Hannibal and I think this show does a wonderful job but it’s also so complicated.  The stories overlapping and also branching out in mysterious ways.  I forget the name of this current killer.  It’s part of the Silence of the Lambs movie.. ah.. I remember, I think, Buffalo Bill?  Right?  …. But there was another killer in that movie but I don’t remember his name.

Uh Oh.. This guy is starting to lose it.  🙁

Looks like the lady with him may live another day.  This killer is so lost in his own head, as a lot of killers seem to be on the movies/tv.

Unfortunately, I will miss part of this but that’s ok… life moves on..

Thanks for listening to my little commentary on Hannibal.  I successfully wrote something today which is wonderful 🙂  This blog is the best thing going for my writing.  It forces me to just type and stop judging my material.

Alright, have a good night.

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