“Follow me.”

Dontarius followed Silver till a chill stopped him.  It froze his legs in place for seconds.  He began to recall foriegn memories about a man walking a dog.  The atmosphere around the man was peaceful.  Above the man Dontarious could see creatures flying.  The creatures blotted out a large portion of the sky.  They pushed up and down large black wings outside a slender frame.  A scream interrupted the peace and people began running.  Dontarius could hear the sound of something collapsing around him then the memory left him.   

Dontarius was returned to the world and the train car.  The apparition, named Silver was gone.  Dontarius searched the nearly empty train car for a place to hide.  A stack of boxes sat in the corner on the left side of the car.  There was a little space behind the boxes but it would have to do.  Dontarius squeezed into the space as the door on the car began to open.  He watched through small partitions in the boxes as a man stood outside the train.  

“Can I get a ramp here?”  He shouted.  Within minutes someone pushed a wooden ramp up to the train car and the man began to climb up.  This man was only half man.  The bottom half, below the chest, was from a horse.  

“A centaur?” Dontarius said quietly.  

“There is nothing in this car…” the centaur shouted, “but a couple stray souls.  They are like insects that will not leave you alone.”  

The centaur swatted at the air then turned to leave.  

“Wait!  I smell something familiar.”   

The centaur stomped a foot upon the wooden floor then began to walk toward the boxes.  Dontarius waited and watched as the centaur approached.  The large beast stood over the boxes and looked but something pulled Dontarius.  The first tug pushed him against the wooden side of the car but the second pulled him down and under the train.  The action was painless, except for the lack of blood flow and the tingle.  The wood floor was still intact as Dontarius clung to the bottom of the car.  He could hear the tapping of the hooves as the centaur as he moved the boxes above.  

“These boxes have been here forever.  The food is rotten.  Send a crew in here to remove these and throw them to the dogs… and clean up this mess on the floor.  I just got back from the farrier with new shoes.”  

The centaur tapped hard upon the floor and Dontarius lost his grip.  He fell upon the rocks within the railroad track.  The apparition, named Silver, turned and smiled.  He clung to the bottom of the train but then began to float downward and next to Dontarius.  

“Thought I forgot you, did you?”  

Silver took another puff of a cigarette.  

“You could’ve told me.”  Dontarius whispered.

“That’s no fun, now is it?”  

Dontarius listened as the centaur stopped stomped down the car ramp.  He then rolled over as scooted out from under the train.

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