There is the forest of Narcissus and the prison of Somename I don’t know but what is sitting outside the train. A field of corn? A field of grass… if I look at our world a train sits on a bedrock of stone upon a small hill. Beneath that hill sits civilization.. maybe I should just write this and post it as a blog.. it doesn’t really matter what you write for NaMo just the wordcount. I have to remember this is a writing exercise and not a mandate to write a final product that I can push out on December 1st.

I am having a hard time moving ahead.  I don’t really have a world.. Serching is not a name I’m even really happy with.  I don’t know here maybe Covington?  It’s life after death.

The world of built of the transportation of the dead.  Souls from Earth or our realm are picked up by the train and moved to the world of Serching.. I really need a name.. This is becoming irritating.

Ok, here’s my deal.. I’m going to close my eyes and randomly pick seven names for Seventh Sanctum name generator.

WTH kind of names are State of So and so or Devil’s Realm.. I’m looking for something else here.

Tiny Hard Penguins Realm?  Seriously.. seriously…lol

Grim Computer City?

Ok, Fantasy Name generator website.. your turn and I have one.

  • Black Fog Downs
    • A “down”, singular, is a hill, of variable steepness
  • Sparrows Woods
  • Dying Salt Plains
  • Country of Quill
  • Empire of Mor
  • hmm… the Realm of Corpses
  • Prison of Corpses

The Bunker of People that Fly like Birds

So if I have an Empire of Mor than I need an emperor of Mor.

Emperor Lau – Evil emperor or is that too much.. I don’t know if I can do an evil emperor.

Now there is a war between the flighted humans and the non.. so maybe Emperor Lau can be the leader of the non flyers but humans are rarely seen in the country of Quill.  They have been chased from the country so that put a wrinkle into the all powerful emperor.

The flyers which if I follow my word above will be called.. ummm.. I’ll have to pick some more names..

— the Charrya, flying humans, have become quite powerful.  They could have a powerful king.  King Gothra, first of the flyers, born in Bergum.  Bergum is a large city built from the salts of the Dying Salt Plains.  It would be unnatural to see a city with the salts of a Plain.. I would think the salt would cause many problems.

So I have something now just by forcing the words to leave my fingers. It’s barely legible but it’s something.  Still do I know what Dontarius is looking at?

I think I do.

Meet the Black Fog Downs.. a series of hills wrapped by a darkness or fog.

Dontarious stares upon the Downs from the train track.  There is a long drop to a flat piece of land.  Followed by the Forest of Narcissus.  Once with the forest Dontarious must follow the train to find his wife but reflective ponds delay him by reflecting images back to him.

So map this out Matthew… post the results later then we can move the story ahead.

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