“So what are you going to do now?”  Asked Silver as he hung onto the bottom of the car smoking.  

“I don’t know,” Dontarius paused.  He stared up at the tubes that ran across the bottom of the train.  He listened as humans or some creatures talked in English to his right.  

“What kind of world is this?  What am I going to see when I roll out from the bottom of the train?”  

Silver shimmered.  His figure was translucent and faded where it met the sun.  He let go of the train and fell slowly to the rocky rail bed.  He took in a breath from the cigarette and blew it out.  

“The world feeds of the souls of the dead.  What are you expecting?”  

“I came from the world of the living.”

“Right…” Silver replied, “…and your expectations are that the world is covered in incorporeal beings like me.  Translucent spectres that roam the world without purpose.  I’ve been dead a while so my memory of life is fading but I recall some of the stories of death.  The bright light, they called it.  Well, that my friend is the train.  The Spirit of the Dead has been running since before the Maker created our existence.  The world, is covered in matter and life but the souls are transferred and collected throughout the territories.  Many are used up to power the technology.  Where they go after that I have no clue.”  

Dontarius struggled above the rocks but his thoughts wandered to the mission of finding his wife.  He lost her twenty-four hours ago.  He saw the spirit of his wife step from her body and walk out the back of the house.  Dontarius followed his wife’s spirit to the train.  The monstrous engine pushed through the trees behind the house.  The light above the engine blurring all sight of his wife.  Dontarious followed other spirits appearing beside him into the wooden train car.  

“Hey,”  Silver shouted jolting Dontarius from the memory.  

“You’re not the first one to hop on the train.  Human’s like you are still rare around here.  Mainly because you are hunted by every creature walking the territories of Serching.  To answer your question you are lying in Black Fog Downs.  It’s in the territory of King Mor.  The Spirit of the Dead covers the three territories of Qiull.  Morland, Lau and the Realm of Corpses.  Not really all that dark and spooking but the Realm of Corpses holds the prison of Noone.  A terrifying place to even mention and I’ve never been there.  The population survives off of rumor and superstition.  It’s not friendly but it’s home.”  

The train began to hiss.  The train cars shuffled slightly.  “Your search will be short if you don’t figure something out soon.”  

Dontarius searched and crawled toward the large ramp that helped the centaur enter the train car.  He entered the dark crevice and within moments the ramp was lifted and moved.  Dontarius watched as the cars passed in front of him.  The ramp then turned revealing a massive line of cars.  Some storage and built with wooden planks and others rounded passenger cars.  

“If my wife is one of the precious she may be within the passenger cars.  I have to get there,” he thought but the ramp turned away from the train and was placed near a small station on the right.  

“There is no guarantee of that,” Silver quipped from a corner.  

“Guarantee of what?”  

“You wife, she may already be dispersed into the atmosphere.  Only the precious have a physical presence here.”  

Dontarius stared at Silver insulted by the abrupt invasion of his thoughts.  

“Your thoughts are loud as obnoxious as a bull minotaur.”  

When Dontarius recovered he spat, “she is precious.  She has to be.  Why would I be allowed to follow her to the train.  She will have a physical presence.”  

“Well, you’re going to miss your train.”  

The engine whistle blew.  The operator flickered and the engineer took his seat within his car.  The train cars all shifted as the brakes were tested.  The remaining ramps were removed and placed next to the one Dontarius lay in.  

Dontarious left the ramp and darted forward.  He lept from the edge of the station as he heard shouting behind him.  He bolted through thick trees and made his way toward the passenger cars.  he looked back to see a group of centaur standing at the station but they did not move.  The rain above the trees leaked through the thick branches leaving mirror-like puddles between them.  Dontarius stepped through them.  His shoes dampening but soon the train disappeared into darkness.  

Dontarius slowed then stopped after the trees disappeared and the darkness surrounded him.  


A light appeared then others till a hallway appeared.  

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