“There ain’t no rest for the wicked.”

“Isn’t that a song?”

“Hey, so?  We have been plowing through this cave for days.  Didn’t you just say you wanted to rest.”

“You ain’t got anything original?”


“Thought so.”

“You know sometimes you are the biggest ass, Mitch.”

“Hey, what can I say… ”

“You can say something other than, ‘What can I say!”

“Shutup.. hey, what’s that over there?”

The cave system sank lower and there was no light, except for the torch Kyle put together.  That said a yellow glow leaked through maybe 50 yards away.

“I don’t want to go that way,” said Kyle.

“Aw.. come on you weiner.  To be honest we really have no other direction to go.  We can’t go back up the cave and we can’t take this way because it’s too small for our overgrown bellies.”

Kyle stepped to the left, leaving Mitch to fuss in the growing darkness.  That was until something moved far in the darkness.

“Why’d you leave me ass?”

Kyle laughed.

Both  men stepped carefully over the fallen stones and small streams of water.  The light expanded till it revealed another torch planted in a crevice in the wall.

“Did you put this here?”  Mitch asked.

“How could I have put that there when I didn’t know it was even here?”

“I don’t know!”

The two men passed the touch and stepped into an antechamber.  A large round room with torches every couple feet.

“Dude, we could set up camp here.”

“Mitch, look.”

Mitch followed several shadows, slowly moving to the left.  He stepped forward and went the opposite direction.   He held tightly to a hammer, spiked on the backside.

The shadows continued moved along the parameter of the antechamber.  Mitch continued following in the opposite direction.

“What are you doing?”  Kyle suddenly shouted.

Mitch paused.  The shadows stopped and he could make out a quiet conversation.

“What the hell is wrong with you!”  Mitch replied quietly.

“Me… what’s wrong with you, idiot.”

“You know…” Mitch began.  His temper flaring.  He stopped when one of the shadows began to rise and disappear.

He could hear the beating of wings above his head.


Both men ran into the center of the round room.  They turned and searched for a doorway.  They could hear several beast hovering over their heads.

Kyle felt the cool breath of one of the beast and turned.  He trust the touch upward.  Fire lite the thin, white hair of a stretched out pale face.  The creature screamed and fell to the ground.  Another screamed and attacked Mitch.

Mitch swung his hammer and missed.  He turned the hammer around and swung again and connected with the spiked end.  The creature squealed and walked away.

“Give me back my hammer you thief.”  Mitch shouted as he instinctively followed the creature.

Kyle stared at the black eyes of the creature as the flames inch up his head.  The creature struggled to dampen out the flames with thin, bony fingers.  Another creature flew into Kyle and grabbed him.  It pulled him upward then let him go.  Kyle hit the ground hard.  Within moments the creature was above him and began to pummel him with its bony fists.

The blows were enormous.  Each connection knocked his head left then right.  He could also hear the rustling of the creatures wings and feel them as they brushed by his left hand.  After a strong right cross Kyle grabbed the right wing.  He bunched the loose, leather-like material in his hand and pulled.

The creature, surprised, fell to the side.  Kyle stood up and without much thought crushed the creature’s skull with his boot.

“Mitch, they have a hell of a punch but I crushed this one with a boot.”

He waited for a response but didn’t receive one.  The touch was near the center of the room.  The other creature had disappeared but he could hear another fighting in the darkness.


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