I  wanted to go over some changes at my art site www.brokenstickstudio.com but this being a blog I must divert to something personal.

“I am literally shaking as I write this.  I am highly nervous because I have to interview and put across that I am skilled at my job.

To go back, I’ve worked for a project the past 3 years.  It was an awesome project full of wonderful clients and a wonderful team.  My contract with that client was ended in December so now I’m back to the beginning.  Back to proving myself again.

I worked for that client for 3 years and… as they say in the military… I left the project better then I got it.  It was very successful and I should be able to translate that over to a new position.  ”

That out of the way.  
1. I am going to change my t-shirt template and these will be displayed with my new Signature series.  The Signature series will only display my favorites from last year.  They will include my digital signature on the bottom right corner.
2. I will be adding stories from this blog to brokenstickstudios.com
3. I need to add friends to the site. Friends with Books at Amazon

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