I thought I would take a break from my art world and head back to writing for a moment.  I got sick yesterday.  I have no idea what happened.


The world is dark.  The clouds above sliding across the charcoal scene like giant erasers.

“Does is always rain here?”  Dontarious asked as he and Angel  stepped from the forest.

“Only when your awake does it rain,” Angel says with a smile.  He unfurls dirty, white wings and shakes the rain from them.

“No one wears any rain gear.”

Angel laughs.  “Rain gear, typical human reaction.  I can make you an umbrella if you would like.”  He then covered Dontarious’s head with his wing.

Dontarious shook off the attempt to cover his head, which made Angel laugh harder.

“Where are we heading now?”

“Well, the train heads west toward the White Desert then circles around Alexander and finally Aries Penitentiary.”

“Penitentiary?  There is a prison in the Shadowlands called a penitentiary?  It seems awfully human-isk to call it that.”

“Right, this world is populated by humans that pass from the World Above.  You would expect some influence but we try to keep it to a minimum.”

“…and this We is?”

“Legendary creatures… Too many questions, young Buckaroo.”

Angel began forward, brushing his left wing over Dontarious’s head.

“You are an ass, man.  A pretentious ass.”

Laughter filled the raised railroad bed as the human and the legendary Harpy began toward the desert.


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