“This used to be New York City,” Steve Summers said to his daughter staring from the wreckage of the

George Washington Bridge.  The city was in shambles.  The towers of steel and glass that made up the city were mangled.  Large black holes spread like a virus over the sky high buildings. There were a few places in the city that still worked.  The few buildings that were not struck with curse of war were lit up at night.  The lights on the Empire State building still lite up at night and this is where Steve needed to be.  These buildings served as stations for the living but swimming in the middle of a sea of death.
The George Washington bridge had be damaged.  A large hole near the center prevented any infected from exiting the city.  The large bomb toppled one of the tall towers supporting the bridge.  The suspension cables laid over the gap making the travel scary but possible.  Any car traffic was parted on the South side of the bridge.  The rest of the trip would have to be made by foot.
Kali trembled as the suspension cable beneath her swung slightly.  Steve noticed.
“Move Kali, we have been through tougher stuff than this,” he said.  His tone was harsh but the intent was not.
“We haven’t crossed a bridge Dad.  Never have,” Kali replied. “Why are we doing this?”
“Don’t question my intentions,” Steve shot back.
Kali tried to turn around to shout back but the cable moved and she stopped.
“Move, Kali!”
Steve’s wife, Andrea warned Steve to be easier on Kali.  Steve grumbled then replied.
“This is not your business, Andrea.”
All three walked across the gap slowly.  The weather was warm and the wind only picked up on occasion.  When it did it was frightening but the three made it across successfully.
A small shack was built on the other side of the gap.  Behind the shack was a tall double wall of razor wire and a small column allowing access to the city.
Steve lead them to the small shack and stepped in.  Metal shelves lined the outside walls.  The shelves held food and survival gear for the trip into the city.  A gruff man, beard sitting upon a glass counter, stood and stared at the family.  Other visitors to the city milled around the small shack buying rucksacks and cans of food and water.
“Go with Kali and buy us some food,” he commanded, not looking at Andrea.
Andrea did as she was told and pulled small backpack from Kali’s back.  She began to fill it with cans of food and water.
Steve stepped up to the grizzly man and pulled out a worn map of the city.
 “Listen to me, old man,” Steve began.  “I’m looking for Lord Adam’s residence.  Can you help me out? “
The grizzly man never cracked a smile.  He opened his mouth to reveal yellow, broken teeth.
“I cannot reveal Lord Adam’s residence to you.  Even if I wanted too and I don’t.”  The old man turned away from Steve.
“Hey!  Don’t turn away from me.”  Steve kept the volume low but forceful enough to make the man stop.

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