I’m in a terrible mood.  I have a good idea what it is but this is a writer’s blog and not a complainers blog.. so…

Terence was a big man.  Monstrous in comparison to other 8 foot giants.  What am I kidding, Terence was unique and nothing else compared to the size and girth of the man.  Hell, he was barely a man anymore.

In the Army he had his legs ripped from him.  Replacing them were steel posts shaped into muscular mechanisms.  These were not the thin blades or the leg cover ups that others got.  These were leg replacements provided by some secret mad scientist off the coast of Some-young island.  They were attached to nerves near the end of his stubs.  The legs were permanent but he could remove them easily but that’s not Terence’s only change.  A steel plate was attached to the right side of his face and an additional plate buried under a plot of hair right above it.  With all the robotics the clinic was unable to save his right arm.  It was void of muscle and dangled against his side.

It was insane to be pissed off at an arm but Terence hated his arm.  The minuscule rod hung from his shoulder and it enraged him.  The fact that he had to look at it even set him off.  Terence did have a fully functional left arm.  It was the only original limb left on his body but it was only a memory of times before he didn’t want to recall.  A time when he was just human.

Terence stepped from his apartment, ducking under the door frame and into the steel-plated world of Platonic.  Everything shimmered in the early morning light.  Everything but Terence.  Forever a grump Terence growled at the pleasantries of every day life.  “Get away from me,” he shouted as a familiar pattern tap..tapped up to him.

“Hi Terence,”  said a small voice.  “I told you to leave me alone.”  Terence insisted.

Terence passed several people and heard no reply.  He swallowed his anger and looked back.  A small girl walked behind him smiling and perky as ever.  Terence tried not to smile but it slid in behind his growl.  “Why?  Tell  me why?”

“Cause I like you?”  The little girl said.  “That’s not a reason,” Terence replied.

“Yes, it is.”

Terence grumbled and continued walking.  “Where you going?”

“I’m going to work,” Terence replied.  “I bet you get there really fast. Cause you have super legs.”

“I guess.”

“My friend has super legs.  Hi… my friend has super legs.”

“What are you doing?”  Terence turns and looks as the little girl shares her glee with other city residents.  “I’m sorry,” the little girls says with a pout.  “Listen…”  Terence turns.  He kneels and still stares down at her.

“I’m not a friendly Platonic resident.  I don’t like people.  I would rather be left alone.  Please go.”  The little girl smiled.  “Why are you smiling?”  Terence asked.

“You didn’t say to don’t like me.  I think you like me.”  Terence wanted to grumble.  He wanted to scream but he couldn’t.  This little girl was a distraction and Terence appreciated the distraction.

Terence stood and began to walk again.  “Don’t you have a family?”

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