The vampire stepped into the early October afternoon air.  The sun was high, the air brisk. The several vampire peeled off and attacked the zombie milling around attempting to make a meal out of them.  Kali walked slowly, fighting every step.  A tall vampire with pale skin and a facial scar struggled to push her forward and not break her.  The vampire seemed determined to capture her.  He watched the zombie with a hungry eye.  The high he built up earlier fell and he needed a boost.  The human in his hands would help but that would only last so long.  The zombie venom burned within him.  It smoked the angry parasite living within him.  I allowed happiness to leak into a hard shell for moments.  Kali pulled hard, her backpack ripped open and fell.  Upon the ground fell a dark shadow-less stone.  It stopped the vampire immediately and gave an opportunity opening to a zombie a vampire on his left.  The zombie tackled the vampire and they fell toward Kali and the taller vampire.  They fell over the backpack and the stone.  The zombie bit into the vampire’s arm causing him to scream.  The vampire punched the zombie with his free hand.  The zombie released his hand but only to get a better grip.  Both monsters wrestled upon the ground.  The vampire’s wings flailing.  The other vampire walked around the battle.  They dropped the zombies they had pulled aside and leaped into the house then into the sky.  The tall, pale, vampire circled around the fight attempting to grab the black shadow-less stone.  The vampire on the ground unintentionally blocked his attempts with his wings.  Shouts of frustration as he tried again and again to grab the stone.  Kali backed away too frightened to move too far away.  The zombie surrounding them had thinned to only a few.  The Haitian burst through the house door and growled.  The pale vampire growled back.  He then returned to the stone.  Kali watched as the Haitian walked closer.  Suddenly, Erik appears from the back yard, confusion upon his face.  A large bird-like creature sweeps over his head and he falls to the ground.  The bird-like creature lands upon the wrestling match and slides a large claw into the back to the zombies neck.  He kicks the zombie over and crushed the vampire’s neck.

“Gabriel, we found the stone,”  the pale vampire’s voice shook as he spoke.  Gabriel smiled, his face and chest human.  He looked at Kali then back at the pale vampire.  “Get the stone.  We are taking the girl.”

“Yes, sir.”  The pale vampire searched desperately for the stone then grabbed it.  He quickly placed it within his pocket then leaped upon the house and disappeared.

Kali stepped backward away from the large bird man.  The Haitian inched closer as Erik shouted but the bird man quickly snatched up the young girl and picked her off the ground.  Quickly, they disappeared toward the center of the city.

“God damn it!”  Erik shouted.  “Why can’t I protect that girl?”

“Brother, you are not alone,” the Haitian said as he watched Gabriel disappear within the corroded hole of the tallest building in Ransom.  “I will go with you and we will find Kali.”

“Damn right, we will.”  Erik swung an ax wildly at an zombie that crept toward them.  He partially decapitated the zombie causing it to fall.  “Damn it.”

—– End of Chapter —-

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