The screams were deafening as the infected began to approach the group.  Nicolas Emmet, a large, muscular man, shot toward the slowly closing gate.  He grabbed the gate and attempted to stop it.  Several BlackAdder guards grabbed the gate and attempted to pull it close.

“Let me out!”  shouted Nicolas.  Leslie Brown,limping from the fight with the guards joined Nicolas and pulled the gate.  The gate opened wider as the guards shouted and threaten to fire into the prisoners.  Realizing that he shoot within the line of fire Erik turned and ran toward the field of abandoned cars.  The Summers family followed him joined by the Baker brothers and a tall, dark skinned man that someone referred to as the Haitian.

Erik stopped.  He took in a deep breath and cursed at his worn out forty year old body.  The rest of the group stopped several feet ahead of him.  Gun fired erupted from the gate and everyone fell to the ground.  After several seconds it was quiet, except for the crunching of the dry grass around him.

Erik sat up and listened as the crunching multiplied and the tall grass moved from all sides.  Fear shook him but he stayed put.  He listened as the infected approached.  He could hear two coming from the left and three headed toward him from the right.  He but his head on his knees and waited.

“What are you doing?” 

Erik looked up and found his wife staring down at him.  She was taken weeks after the infected escaped from County Hospital, where he worked.  She would often visit him dressed in a long white dress tied around the waist with a blue ribbon and a bow.

“What are you doing?”  She repeated.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Erik said.  “I can’t hide.  I can’t run.  I can’t live without you and Sara anymore.”

“I call bullshit on that, Erik.  It’s been five years and you decide this now!  Don’t be a dick.”  

“A dick?  Don’t be a dick?  Is that all you have to say?”  Erik looked up.  His wife was as beautiful as she was in life all those years ago.  Her dark brown hair framed the soft pale skin of her face.  Her brown eyes sparkled as she smiled.

“Your not giving up, Erik.  I will not let you.”  

“What are you going to do, bug me to death?”

A torn dress shoe stepped from grass on Erik’s left.  This shoe was followed by several others and then they were upon him.  Grabbing for anything that would lead to Erik falling toward one or the other side.  The infected tore Erik’s t-shirt.  The collar strangled Erik till it finally broke away.  As much as he wanted to just sit still his hands and feet fought off the hungry, rotting faces that bent down to tear him apart.  A small boy grabbed a hold of his ankle and dug his long nails into Erik’s skin.  Erik cried out in pain and kicked hard.  The boy fell backward into the tall grass and Erik turned over.  Stood on his knees the fought to stand.  A bloody hand met the side of his face and Erik stumbled backward.  He fell hard to the ground then stood.

“Fuck you!”  Erik shouted.  He counted five plus the young boy all hungry and grunting as they walked toward him.  “The infection disabled any sort of human emotion”, he thought.  “The Bacterial Meningtis caused confusion, fever and headaches.  It can’t be the reason for this hunger and ability to live after death.”  Erik’s analitical mind took over.  “Acute Ocular Melanoma,”  Erik noticed the thick white film over the eyes of the infected.  He also noticed that the infected reached and often confused the other infected for the living only to recoil when they got too close.  “They are blind and their sense of smell is minimal.”


Erik stood up.  He looked forward toward the broken city of Ransom and ran forward into a pair of infected.  He pushed them into each other causing them to fall into each other then escaped.  Within ten feet Erik ran into the tall dark-skinned man.

“Hi, my name is Cary.  Some people call me the Haitian but I prefer Cary.  I didn’t think you were going to make that.  Were you waiting for them to attack you?”

“Nice to meet you Cary.  You seem to be a very smart man.  Let’s stop talking and find some place safe to stay.”

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