“Jean Claude,” Sean began, “this dirtbag has been asleep for two days. Who would of thought you could be sleep on a dusty old store conveyer. So glad I didn’t live here. Looks like a shithole.”

“Two days? It’s barely been a day, Sean. Captured, beaten and thrown in a City of Zombies complex. This is the dumbest idea ever. Five years of infected trapped in eight foot walls. Surprised we are still alive. Did you see the evolution of the creatures?

“We are here for the God stone. We tracked that vampire nest from Grand Rapids to here. Our job is only the stone. The infection is not our concern. You understand what the stone does.” replied Jean Claude.

“Oh God no. Vampire. Are you crazy? We are fighting a vampire nest inside a City of Zombies. No wonder you said nothing Jean Claude. I would of told you to…”

“Sean, we need to get that stone,” added Andrew.

Sean pressed his lips together then shoved Erik till he woke.

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