Script for an art event I am planning later this year. I will be an art installation. My first and biggest project to date… It will be in acrylic so yikes.. I am trying to figure out something that I can do.

“Anxiety is like a door. A door painted in beautiful colors. A door so beautiful that it cannot be disturbed. The door is locked, so that it will never open. Opening the beautiful door may come with uncomfortable consequences. Opening the door may chip the paint, making it less beautiful. Opening the door may jar a hinge, making it impossible to close again…but
Keeping the door closed has consequences. Keeping the door closed blocks opportunities that only appear on the other side. It blocks the unseen or the possible. The beautiful door disguises an ugly cloud that overwhelms. A cloud of fear that builds new doors. All beautiful doors but they are all closed.
Unlock the beautiful door, be courageous. Put away the fear of imperfection. The anxiety of things not seen. Open the door. Pause for a moment to see through to the other side. See the opportunities unseen through the cloud of fear. Step over the threshold of presumptions. Step through the frame of the beautiful door.”

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