Jimmy’s knees buckled and he sank.  Happy grabbed him and held on.  Happy, with Sarah’s help, led Jimmy to the basement door and down the stairs.  The stink of mold signaled nothing unusual, that was until Sarah directed them over to a small room in the corner of the room.

“Go through the wall,”  She said with a serious face.

“What are you talking about?  This is a serious situation and you want me to stooge my way into a wall.”


“I am not going to walk into the wall.”

“Fine, I will go first,” Sarah replied.

Sarah let go of Jimmy and stepped forward.  She paused then disappeared into the stone wall.

“Did you see that Jimmy, the wall just sucked up your girlfriend?”

“She is not my girlfriend,” Jimmy moaned.

Happy held his breath and stepped to the wall.  He tensed up, stepped forward and felt the wall wrap around him.  The floor disappeared for a moment then returned.  Happy stepped forward and reappeared in a candle-lit room.

“Holy pants,” Happy shouted as Sarah stood in front of him.  Cathedral ceilings towered over him.  Painting of men and woman, with serious expressions, stared at him from the walls.  Jimmy fell to the ground and sobbed.

The witch stood, her back turned, over a book.

“What is wrong with Jimmy?”

“He met my father, that’s whats wrong with him.”

“Your father,” Happy replied.  “Your father?  That was…”

The witch turned.  “You stepped into my house.  Your friend is now stricken with my curse.  I have kept this from the world for thirty years.  Now, in one foolish move you have endangered another.”

“How long did you think you were going to hide this mother?”  Sarah shouted.  “When are you going to realize that we can’t run anymore?  I can’t do this anymore.”

The witch marched forward, wand in hand.

“Now, stop lady.  I’m sorry we walked into your house.  Honestly, it was Jimmie’s idea but if you fix him I promise we will leave.”

The witch cast a spell from the wand and it struck Jimmie.  Happy released him and he fell to the ground.  Happy scuttled backward and watched as the witch stood over him.

“It would seem that Sarah would have a problem with this,”  Happy thought but she stood waiting.  After a moment Jimmy sat up and held his head.

Happy smiled and walked over to him.  “Buddy, we need to go.  This nice witch lady is scary as hell and I don’t want to piss her off again.”

Jimmy sat for several moment quiet then spoke.  “Sarah… she has to come with us.”

“Are you serious!” Happy replied.  “How long have you known this girl?  Are you hiding things from you best friend?”

Jimmy shook dire thoughts from his head and looked up.  “Sarah is in danger.  The whole town is in danger.”  Jimmy’s eyes were alive with anger.

“How could you bring this creature here?  What have you done?”

The witch stepped back.  She dropped the wand to her side.

“Oh…”  She said as her hands rose to her face.  “You have been marked.”


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