Death: Chapter 3: 

Ken walked right into the light that was farthest from him.  The light at the end of the column got brighter as Ken walked toward it.  He squint his eyes till he could barely see.  He attempted to block the light with his hand but that was useless.  As he stepped into the light he again felt warmth.  The warmth began at his toes and radiated a comforting peace upward.  Several steps within the light and the warmth began to dissipate.  Ken continued forward until the darkness began to dilute the light.  Soon the light was almost all the way gone, leaving only a small circular band radiating from mid-height.  Ken walked toward the circular band of light and looked within it.  It was a small hole, barely big enough for Ken’s shoulders to fit through.  Above the hole he could see a blue sky blurred by the green leaves of a large tree.  A large root from the tree stretched from one end of the hole to the other.  Ken grasped the root and lifted himself upward.  With nothing to put his feet upon Ken struggled to lift his body high enough to balance himself upon the top of the root.  After several attempts and a couple several minute breaks Ken managed to push himself up and over the root.  Ken climbs from the underground.  Above is the remnants of what is left of the Forest of Narcissus.  Within the forest is several small pools of water which serve as mirrors.  The pools of water reflect previous life and scenes that stay important to the one looking within it.  So important that the current world disappears from around them.

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