My daughter and I thought of this earlier today.  Hope you like it.

The gold-lined doors of the First National Bank burst open.  A tall man almost ran through the doors.  His face was covered with a knit mask.  He wore a thick black coat and a pair of black leather pants.  He commanded his new audience and directed them toward the ground and out of his way.  There were only five customers and three tellers.  No guard but every teller had access to an alarm.

“Everybody down!”  He shouted.  His voice echoed loudly throughout the lobby.  He stepped confidently forward and he pushed a couple to the ground.  The bank robber held a small silver handgun pointed downward.  He stepped forward to the long wooden counter and set the gun down gently.  Someone moved and the tall man jumped.  His large right hand brushed the handgun across the counter and it fell.  It crashed upon the laminate floor with a loud crash.  The bank robber swore, held his head and rushed to recover the weapon.  He grabbed it and growled.  “Don’t you move a muscle.”

Suddenly, from the front door, a young man walked in.  He saw the bank robber, and screamed.  The bank robber shook with fright.  The handgun shook within his grip.  “Stop… stop!”  He said as he pointed the handgun upward and fired.  The explosion echoed, caused everyone within the room to gasp.  The women became to sob. “Sit down,” said the bank robber as he held the handgun with his second hand.  The new customer sat quickly.  The bank robber turned and noticed that all the tellers had disappeared.  “Hey!  Hey!” he shouted.  Slowly, a peaked young blonde women reappeared.  The loose bangs of her pretty hair barely hung above the counter.

“Up… up…,” the bank robber insisted with his handgun.  He then walked up to her and moved close to her face.  He whispered, “I need a dollar.”

The young teller stood silent.  “Give me a dollar,” the robber insisted.  She stared at the man studying his blue, marble-like eyes.  They moved little.  She watched his anticipation, waiting for him to correct himself, but he slammed his hand on the counter.  “Give me my damn dollar”.  The teller jumped and opened the drawer.  She slowly pulled the dollar from the drawer and placed it on the counter.

The bank robber smiled and thanked the teller.  He pocketed the dollar and turned.  He ran to the front door and disappeared.

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