Matthew R Stitt (1974-) was born in Jackson, Michigan.

I graduated in 1992. Spent eight years in the US. Army before settling back in Jackson.

I married in 1998 and has four children. I currently work as a programmer and write on the side.
I has been writing for twenty+ years in journals. I will continue to write whether I publish anything or not.  While I can, I will 

I love monsters.  I will always be a monster author

Author’s definition of a monster:
Any creature or human that has an unusual characteristic.
So monster fiction to me is of course zombies, giants, ghosts and anything of that sense but it’s not fantasy. The world doesn’t have to be modern but it has to be close to what we consider everyday life. The main purpose of the monster is to interrupt normal life and force the characters to deal with it. They must cope with this unexpected creature. That is the part I enjoy.


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