That awkward moment when your using a public bathroom and you know the person next to you is judging you as you struggle to free the prisoners you have been holding onto since lunch.
You can feel the judgement radiating from the walls of the bathroom stall. He/She is not talking, not even moving.
“Did I kill the person in the other stall?”
Not possible, you think. The person is trying not to laugh, you assume.
“Hurry, and finish up,” you tell yourself.
“I want to finish before this person. Maybe they will stand by the sink and wait for you to step out of the stall?”

You finish your business and step from the stall. Nothing from the other stall. You walk by and glance through the thin crack between the door and the frame and you see nothing.

“There is no one.”

— Wonderful judgements of a paranoid mind.. 🙂

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