Erik listened to the banging on the outside walls. Erik was comfortable with one here and a few others throughout the night but it had increased almost hourly. By 3:00 he could stand it no more. The zombies slapped the glass making the entire window shake. They had secured the windows with pieces of plywood left in the back of the store. “The glass should hold,” he thought. “Why now?”

“The answer is clear,” Erik’s doppleganger appeared in front of him.

“They brought them. The three strangers. Ruined in one day.” The ghostly figure gestured toward the three men lying half asleep.

“What do you want me to do murder them in their sleep?” Erik asked.

“Try it crazy man and I will put you down.” Sean snapped. “What the hell is this constant noise,” he complain.

“I don’t know. It was fine before you got here.”

“What did you want us to do!” Sean shot back. “We didn’t know you were here. We fought zombies and survivors to get here. Do you know I had to push a man into a group of zombies to get out alive.” Sean stood and approached Erik.

Erik stood to confront the man.

“I don’t care what happened to you. I’ve been here two years and no bothers till you showed up.”

Sean shoves Erik. Erik falls into the dusty shelves behind him. He stands and tackles the younger man. Both men fall into the plywood covered front window. The glass shatters and the plywood cracks.

Hands grasp the two men as they fight. The grip strong as they are pulled away from the window.

“You stupid f–ks. Get you asses back here.”

Jean Claude and Sean’s brother Andrew threw the fighters backward as they hurried to secure the window. The monsters outside, attracted by the noise, began to push on the broken plywood. Hands thrust forward from outside. Each one grabbing at the air willing the living to get close.

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