Gunshots exploded from behind Brian as he leapt out of the way.  The man-like gelatinous creature stepped forward.  It exercised its legs as it worked out it’s balancing skills.  The bullets slid through its transparent skin only stopped by the remaining organs of Brian’s brother-in-law.  The organs broke apart while the bullets exited the monster and hid within the side of Alan’s truck.

The off ramp was a buzz of activity.  A long string of cars sat watching the activities along the service drive.  Several stood outside their cars.  There was a collective gasp after the weapon fire failed to stop the blob man.

“Do something, monster man!”  Brian heard the single man shouting but it felt like the world looked upon him to do something.  He searched for anything he could use to disable or kill the beast but this was a new situation.  The blob stepped forward it had grew upward several inches making it now over six foot tall.  It towered over Officer Oscar Reyes who was a little over five foot tall.  Officer Reyes stood.  He looked up as he screamed at the vague, green, human face.  The figure imprinted within the gelatinous tower didn’t move.  It didn’t smile and didn’t growl.  It just stared forward as the head bounced back and forth.

“No way,” Brian said as he realized the blob could not keep this current form for very long.  “Get away from the blob!”  Brian scream. “Get as far away as you can.  Oscar, move!”

Everyone moved back and this left the blob and Brian standing within eight feet of each other.  The blob turned suddenly toward Brian.  He stepped forward causing his shoulders and head to fall back then forward.  The blob had to take an extra step to readjust and not fall forward.  The blob reached forward with a third step and Brian retreated.  Again, he searched for anything.

“Detergent? I have nothing here.  What about heat or cold?  Hell I have nothing.  I have weapons but not on me.  Idiot.”  Brian said as he walked backward.  The blob stepped forward again and the mass fell forward at the waist.  It gave the creature an extended reach and the explosion of acidic gelatin once it fell would certain cause him pain, if not kill him.

“Acid?  Doesn’t that need some sort of a base to neutralize it?  Fire extinguisher?  I need a fire extinguisher?”

A fireman, dressed in fire gear, and hard hat stood next to Brian and fired a stream of foam at the blob.

“It’s like covering the thing in whip topping,” Brian replied as the fireman exhausted the can.   The blob shuddered then shook but the liquid mixture stuck within its gelatinous flesh.  The blob threw up both cylindrical arms then rushed forward. Within seconds it fell forward again and staggered toward the fireman.  The top half of the six foot column of gelatin fell forward as it’s legs tried to correct the fall.  The fireman fell backward and the blob fell on top of him.  The acidic, carnivorous blob fell over the fireman leaving only his chest and head exposed.

The man screamed but his protective equipment delayed any immediate danger.  The extinguisher mixture ate away at the first layer of green flesh.  The blob folded in upon itself.  It’s human-like legs disappearing within the mass.  The fireman screamed as the acid began to seep through his equipment.  The blob began to move forward toward the man’s exposed face.

Brian tried to help but the other firemen warned him to avoid getting closer.  They grabbed the man’s arms and began to pull.

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