“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

Brian jumped.  He looked back to see a large truck and a couple of men standing beside it.  “I told you not open the door.  What the hell did you do?”

Both men, dressed in Hazmat suits, approached.  The larger man dragged a large silver box behind them.

“Get out of the way,” stated the taller man.  He slide the box over to the greenish blob and opened it.

“Hey, I know you,” the other man said as he passed.  “Aren’t you the monster man on the commercials.  I think Tipese or Tip-something investigation?”

“I am Brian Tipene, how are you going to clean up this mess?”

“We have procedures.  The others will be here in a moment,” the man replied.

The taller man screamed and all the others turned.  He quickly pulled the box back and shook off his left leg.  “The thing attacked me. It tried to trip me.”

“No way.”

Brian stepped toward the truck. “Gentlemen, this is not just a chemical spill.  This is a predator.”

He watched as the green blob reached out again and attempted to wrap a gelatinous arm around the taller Hazmat man.

“It didn’t do that before,” shouted the officer as he pointed his handgun at the mass of green.  The taller man stepped back and watched as the blob began to grow taller.  Brian watched as two gelatinous columns began to form under a large mass of translucent blob.

“It’s growing legs!  It’s growing legs!”  The officer began to panic.

“Officer Reyes, keep you head on,” Brian stepped over to the officer.  The Hazmat men stepped back toward the truck.  “Officer Oscar Reyes I don’t think shooting it will stop it.”

“It’s growing a body…” The officer shot several times.  Each round slid through the mass easily.  Each one settled within the side of Alan’s white truck.

A second large box truck pulled up to the scene followed by several more police cars.  Brian noticed a backup of traffic began to move slowly past the scene.  The blob stood six-foot tall and began to grow columns on each side of it’s new body.

Brian backed away from the blob. The officers stepped from their cars, guns drawn.

“Don’t shoot the mass.  It will not work.”  Brian shouted.


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