Brian pulls up to a chaotic scene.  Artificial red and yellow light flashes, illuminated the darkness just inside a highway on-ramp.  Several uniformed first responders stand near the wreckage.  Brian pulls up next to a police car and steps out.  An officer approaches.

“The victim was my brother-in-law Alan Rickart.  What do you know?” Brian says.

The officer recognizes Brian and his face brightens.  “Chief, how have you been?”

“I was fine till tonight.”

“Sorry about your brother,” the officer replied then added, “This is an odd scene and honestly we have no idea what is going on.”

The officer walked with Brian to the scene.  Alan’s truck was white and covered in dust from the long trip.  A large blue tarp covered the back of the truck.

“There is actually two bodies.  The remains of Alan Rickert are within the cab of the truck and a taller, monster of a man, is in the bed of the truck.  The man in the bed of the truck was murdered, no doubt, but Mister Rickert’s body looks like the results of an industrial accident.

Brian took a breath and stepped up to the cab of the truck.  The windows were opaque.  Brian cupped his hands beside his face and strained to see within the cab of the truck.

“You can’t even see inside the truck.  He may still be alive.”

“I’m sorry, Chief but Mister Rickart is dead.  Some goo covered his face and hands.  It ate away all the soft tissue.”

“Goo?  Did you try to save him?”

The officer stammered, “Chief, we are waiting for Special Operations.”

“I am not your chief anymore.  Stop calling me that.”

Brian opened the truck door before the officer could stop him.

The skeletal remains of Alan Rickart lay against the steering wheel.  As disgusting as that could possibly be the bones were picked clean any identification of Alan would be left to the remains of his teeth and his clothing.  Something fell to the ground and Brian jumped back.  At his feet sat a pile of slime still oozing from the truck.  Alan’s large jacket floated within a mass of organs and other digesting material.

“What the hell is that?”  Shouted the officer as he backed up several steps.

“I don’t know but it doesn’t seem friendly.”

Brian stepped back and watched as the remaining slime fell from the truck and created a blob of transparent green.  The blob settled upon the dark asphalt.  Alan’s parts floating inside.  It bubbled slightly then moved toward the two men with a jerk.

“Why did you open that truck?”  The officer shouted as he backed up.

“I don’t know.  I wanted to see what was inside.”

“I told you it was a chemical accident.”

“I know… I know…” Brian stepped back as the blob moved forward again.

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