The gelatinous blob sat quietly stewing upon the asphalt of the exit ramp.  Brian stepped aside as three men dressed in chemical suits stepped forward.  He stepped around, almost tripping, over a large box.  He watched as the hazmat men dumped more kitty litter over the mass until it burped, raising a small cylindrical section and throwing off the kitty litter.  The contents of another bag of litter fell from the hands of another hazmat and seconds later another burp followed by a couple more.  The hazmat team left to get more bags.  Brian watched as officer Reyes inspected the blob.  It had expanded and grew small nodules ready to pop.

“I would not stand to close, Oscar.”  Brian warned just before the first shot blasted toward the officer.  The acidic gelatin struck the officer in the right leg.  It immediately began to eat through the black uniformed pants and stuck to the man’s bare leg.  Officer Reyes screamed.  The smaller mass wrapped itself around the officer’s leg and began to dissolve the skin tissue.  Brian leap over to the officer and helped drag him from the scene.  The blob fired off several other shots.  This left smaller versions of the blob crawling along the off-ramp.

Officer Reyes squirmed.  Paramedics loaded him onto a stretcher and barely avoided another round of shots.  The distance of the shots increased three-fold and struck another man waiting too close to the scene.

The screaming was unnerving.  Brian hid beside the Hazmat truck waiting to find a way to disappear.

“It’s not worth it,” he thought to himself.  “This wasn’t supposed to be this dangerous.”  That was until a large red pickup truck squealed to a stop.

Brian disappeared behind the truck and ran across the off-ramp and toward the service drive.  Two large men, dressed in crude armor, stepped from the back of the truck.  A small woman stepped from the driver’s seat.

“Rebecca!  I am so in love right now,” Brain shouted.

The small woman smiled.

“Acidic nature, we covered it with clay based kitty litter but it just pissed it off.  Now it’s shooting out acidic nodules.”

“I bet it did,” replied one of the armored men.  His caramel-toned skin hidden behind a beaten steel mask.  “An acidic monster and you dumped clay on it.  It’s not an oil spill.”

The other armored man stepped up beside the first.  “Sean, I’ll go get the soda ash.  That should neutralize the acidic stuff.

A explosion of green gelatin burst against the steel breastplate of Sean’s armor.

“Holy crap, man.”

Both men turned.  Brian hid behind the big red truck and stood next to the small woman.

“I’m sorry I got Alan, you and the Baker brothers into this.  This is insane.”

“Alan,” replied Rebecca, emotion sitting at the edges of her pale face, “Alan volunteered, the Baker brothers are absolutely nuts and I am still here.  What would you do without me?”

Brian smiled and peeked over the truck bed.  The Baker brothers, dressed in armor, walked forward.  They held large white bags of soda ash.  The blob spit out resistance but the two men moved forward.  Within moments the men dumped the bags and the gelatin sank to the ground.  It left a moist ring.

“Look at that Andrew,” Sean shouted, excitement evident.

Andrew turned to his younger brother and punched him hard in the chest.

“We are the best, brother,” Andrew replied.

The blob left scars upon the men and women scattered over the off-ramp. The small nodules feed upon the arms, legs and chest of the victims.  Brian and the Tipene agents helped the other first responders and dissolved what they could find.  The EMT’s tied off Officer Oscar Reyes leg and prepared it for removal.  The remains too badly eaten away to save.  Officer Reyes lay silent within the ambulance holding a cloth covered stone in his breast pocket.

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